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    Blonde curly hair. Hairdresser doing hairstyle for young woman in salon

    Short v Long hair and the pros and cons of each. Decisions, decisions hey. Do I leave my hair long or cut it shorter?? Summer has only just wrapped up where no doubt everyone told you that it is the perfect time to cut your

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    5 Tips your Wedding Hair Stylist wants you to know: (by Cassie Falzon- Brisbane Central) I have always loved my job! I know, crazy right? Styling hair and crafting amazing looks has always been such a huge passion of mine. I love constructing glamorous hairstyles-Read More
    First and foremost, my approach to makeup and hair in general after 16 years is very simple. Think outside the box and enjoy something new for a change. Who knows… you may absolutely love it!! In our busy lives we all fall into the trapRead More
    Angry Screaming Bride Throwing Veil on White, Copy Space
    Part 2 of our inside scoop; More memorable moments & stories shared! To those who ask me the same perpetual question, “have you had any major bridezilla’s?” I often bring up about a situation in my younger days working in a high-end Sydney North ShoreRead More
    Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we? Hi everyone! Well, here it is- our long awaited first entry so thanks for coming along for the ride! So who is the face behind Sapphire? My name is Julie (or Jules as most would referRead More
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