Short v Long hair and the pros and cons of each.

Decisions, decisions hey. Do I leave my hair long or cut it shorter?? Summer has only just wrapped up where no doubt everyone told you that it is the perfect time to cut your hair and have a change blah blah blah. It’s the same rule every year as well as the ‘go darker in Winter ‘scenario.

Well anyone who knows me well also knows  that I rarely enjoy following the rules but rather tend to make my own so I’ve come up with my top 3 top Pro’s and Cons of keeping long hair versus cutting it shorter (as in bob length generally) so you can make your own mind up! Either way, it’s now Autumn which is the season of change so here’s to making a change that you love!

bob-haircut-ledeA little forethought and practical thinking when it comes to your hair can save you a whole lot of pain down the track. Take it from someone who’s been in the game for 19 years and sees haircut remorse all too often. Let’s not mention the fact that I’ve made a brash decision of my own in the past without taking my own advice first (and that turned into 4 hard years of hair growing and a shit load of taming product).

Actually now that I mention it, I need put across my one and only exception to the below pointers … …. CURLS!

If you’re a real curl gurl like me, your dream thoughts of cutting your hair shorter in order to make things easier or to avoid the endless knots and little sticky fingers getting caught (or anything getting caught if you’re a mum… weetbix… lego… crayons) May I just say, these warm fuzzy thoughts you may be having right there are WRONG WRONG WRONG. Curls are always an exception to any rule and shorter in curly world can generally mean a LOT of extra work. Curls have rules of their own so a super hairdresser with a strong curl game is in order here- otherwise you may risk resembling a pyramid. And yes, all my primary school friends, I hear you sniggering from here!

Anyways, back to our 3 v 3haircut

Long Hair Pro’s

  • CHOICE! If you have some beautifully manicured luscious locks then you have an abundance of styles to choose on a daily basis. Wavy, straight, half up, all up, braids, twists and all that fits!
  • Long hair can be considered very feminine and quite sexy so what is the message you want to portray about yourself? Long, cascading waves can really add an extra wow factor to any outfit for your occasion and tends to also add an element of youthfulness.
  • Accessories! You can add absolutely anything into longer hair generally without it looking ‘odd’ or ‘too much’. Such thing as clip in extensions, head bands, fascinators, blingy hair jewels will all work in long hair styling and will often enhance a style beautifully.

Long Hair Con’s

  • MAINTENANCE! Be prepared to spend more on cuts, colours, treatments and overall salon services. Even to the point of using more home care products also (especially conditioner) so you will need to add extra into the budget here. Long hair can tend to be quite heavy also which can make volume difficult without a professional blowout service.frustrated-hair
  • Let’s paint this scenario…. Leisurely Sunday walk, flaunting your long hair out and about in some incredible loose waves that took you an hour. You also decide to rock your new Tom Ford lip slick gloss… and it’s a crazy windy day. Disaster! You all felt my pain as you read that so no further explanation required, right? The hair- gloss struggle is real people!
  • As per your maintenance, you will find time will be a major factor also in long hair styling. Very few long hair ladies just get up in the morning, run their finger through their hair and head out the door. For the most part, blow drying or straightening is essential for those smooth, shiny do’s.

Short hair Pro’s

  • Providing the cut is shaped correctly for your hair type, shorter hair can be easier to style and easier to create volume, height and texture. Ideal for beachy climates as you generally can ruffle your hair from the surf and off you go, looking fresh and very Rita Ora- chic and textured.
  • As shorter styles need to be maintained still with regular trims, you will generally feel that your hair feels and looks much healthier and less ‘endy’. As a rule this will then tie in to having more natural shine which we all crave.
  • An obvious one I know, but rocking a shorter style means your hair is not sticking to the back of your neck on those hot and sweaty days. Shorter hair can also be a real advantage if you’re prone to headaches when tying long hair up. A change may definitely be in the air…err…hair if this is a problem for you!tousled-angle-bob-thin-hair-1000x1000

Short hair Cons

  • Limited styling options. As hairdressers, we can perform small miracles when up styling shorter hair for events. However keep in mind it is difficult so you will most likely be charged the same rate as your long hair bestie. Hairstyling choices can be restricted by your lack of length so if you’re an Aries like me, you may get bored with the lack of options.
  • You may find that having less length can mean that you need to blow dry and straighten it daily for certain style cuts. If you’re having a bad hair day or the weather is playing a dramatic part, it can be very hard to control as in many cases you can’t just tie your hair up and surrender to the humidity.
  • And last but certainly not least, without long locks you can’t flip your hair dramatically! C’mon, who hasn’t done this intentionally to gain that extra attention? No judgement here ?


Hopefully these pointers may help you make that change that you’ve been craving.

Being Qld based with mobile hair and makeup locations in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, I throw a few pros and cons at my hair clients early before they get all bold and spontaneously go visit the chop shop during an unbearably humid hair day.

So if this is you having a “I’m cutting it all off, it’s too hot”, versus “Oh but I love wearing my hair long” conundrum … you’re so not alone, especially at this time of year!

Enjoy the change, whatever that means for you!

Until next time, take care.



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