Sapphire Secrets- Loving Your Lips!

First and foremost, my approach to makeup and hair in general after 16 years is very simple. Think outside the box and enjoy something new for a change. Who knows… you may absolutely love it!!

In our busy lives we all fall into the trap of sticking to what we know with the same colour palette and makeup application. So in an age where eyes tend to be smokey, lets mix it up a bit and bring the focus back to the most fundamental part of any makeup- the lips. I’m loving the strong lip trend that’s happening at the moment but the application of a bold lipstick is certainly something you don’t want to rush and do a shoddy job. So let’s make it count and here are my tips as to how!

Firstly, PREP!! A good daily skin care regime is a must for a gorgeous complexion right? So your lips are no different. If anything, after a hot summer and now leading into Winter you may find your lips are dry and chapped and in need of some TLC. Exfoliate once a week using a soft bristle toothbrush– this will make a huge difference I guarantee and your lover will enjoy your soft kissable lips.

If you are an outdoors type whether it’s sunny or not, always apply a SPF lip balm. Apart from keeping your lips looking plump and luscious, you will avoid any premature aging and sun pigmentation. Yes, lips can also get freckly and wrinkled from all the sun burn- not ideal! Even if you’re not a sun- bunny, paw paw ointment is such a winner in keeping your lips moisturised and healthy (this is my lip ‘primer’ that I always apply before a makeup- a must have in my kit).

When you’re applying your primer and foundation to your face, don’t be afraid to also apply over your lips. This ensures you start with a blank canvas- having your foundation also act as a base for your lipstick to ‘stick’ to.

Not an absolute must, but I personally like to begin my lips with a fairly neutral colour and well sharpened lip pencil (I much prefer the ol’ pencil as opposed to the ever annoying wind up lip liners. My PP, personal preference)- even if using a bold lipstick colour. Mainly for the reason, and I have seen it all too many times where a darker lip line will still be hangin’ in there long after the lipstick has been chewed away over lunch or has taken a liking to your champagne glass. At least with a more natural, long lasting liner pigment underneath this look can be avoided. Ensuring however, to always fill in your entire lips with the pencil colour to avoid the two- toned worn effect. My exception to the rule here is if you’re creating an ombre’ effect (fading light to dark or dark to light- loving that look!).

Secondly, don’t be afraid to fully experiment with lip colour and re-shaping your natural lip line. For example, by subtly over drawing the top lip line, you may give yourself a more dramatic and seductive appearance. Whereas in contrast, by exaggerating the cupids bow and curving the line inside of the natural lip on both the top and bottom, you may find it gives you a softer, more petite and feminine look.

Then using a lip brush, fill in the entire lip area with your chosen lipstick shade. I always advise to invest in a good lip brush and one with a lid so you can take it with you anywhere. I find a brush will give you more control and cleaner lines rather than applying directly from the tube itself. However, again this is my PP so whatever works for you.

Blot your first lipstick application with a tissue and then reapply. This removes the excess pigment and reduces the smudge effect or bleeding. My best tip when using a bold colour is once applied; using a flat brush, clean up any imperfections with some concealer/ foundation around your lip line. This equals perfection!

Lastly, think about what statement you want to make with your lips. If you are after a more sophisticated look, a matte finish will do the trick (also great for mature lips). On the other hand, high gloss can give you more a sexy and voluptuous look.

So what’s your next occasion?? Try a different look and let your lips take centre stage.

Have fun!!

Jules xo


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