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To those who ask me the same perpetual question, “have you had any major bridezilla’s?” I often bring up about a situation in my younger days working in a high-end Sydney North Shore salon. I was looking after a bride’s hair, obliviously working away in my ‘hair- zone’ (the cause of my much talked about forehead frown line). As quick as a blink, the bubble burst- she stood up sharply screaming to her bridesmaids in the chairs beside that she “didn’t want to get married- she couldn’t go through with it- her dad was making her do it”. Uh-oh… all jaws hit the floor- crickets chirping, “What the hell do we say now?”, we thought. The senior stylist calmly whisked her away out the back to settle her over a coffee. The bride returned shortly afterwards, all smiles and SO excited about the looming wedding…….huh??! I am not sure what was in that coffee but I will be forever grateful how the managing hairdresser showed such genuine compassion- and hence releasing us all from a hairy pickle (well done Kirst)!
For me, that moment was quite defining as I really got a true understanding of what my role was to be as a professional stylist. It was not only to stand behind someone and create, but to genuinely care, listen and empathise with them. A role that I take very seriously now as a leader of my team who look after 100’s of people from all walks of life and for varying occasions…..

I have also had an interesting and ‘eye-opening’ (pardon the pun) experience with a bridesmaid who was quite embarrassed about her eye phobia. She was absolutely petrified of anyone going near her eyes- including herself would you believe?!

Lucky for both of us this young lady had an awesome sense of humour whereby we found ourselves giggling through the ordeal to finish with a stunning result. Due to this lifelong restriction, she had never seen herself made up so her tears of laughter soon turned to those of joy as she looked at her reflection. So for any of your readers who think you’re serial ‘blinkers’ or ‘waterers’, trust me… you’re fine- we can handle anything!

One thing that still surprises me is that the clients who seem the most distinguished are often the ones who love to tell us in detail about their scandalous affairs and sensual stories. I will never forget the time as a newly- wed myself I was told by a high-end corporate client about how important it is to ‘look after’ your significant other. The key apparently to a healthy happy marriage involves ice, honey and some tasteful dress ups…. And for those who are a tad older, car keys in a bowl with some other interested couples. I will leave you guessing with that one!

However on the total opposite end of the spectrum and hands down the most rewarding thing I have ever been a part of is the Make a wish program with the Starlight Children’s Foundation. What an incredible experience and a real reality check to us all on days where we’re feeling a bit off.

I was lucky enough to meet Kristen recently for her wish day- glamming her up at dawn before she was whisked away to spend a day with a huge Hollywood star on a major movie production. Kristen and her family were so thankful for the experience. I only hope I made her feel as wonderful as she truly made me on that occasion- And at 6am in the morning, anyone who has the ability to do that to me is truly very special!

So as I come to the end of my trip down memory lane, subsequently this is why I enjoy this job. For the memories, the laughs, the tears, the tests, the stories and experiences.

The absolute satisfaction we gain from making someone feel beautiful- if even just for a day, it’s well worth any minor bridezilla moments.

“Everyone has a story. To share a slice of that story… can be a sweet treat for the soul”

Says it all really doesn’t it?!
Until next time, take care
Jules ?


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