Perfect Bridal Hair Prepping!

5 Tips your Wedding Hair Stylist wants you to know: (by Cassie Falzon- Brisbane Central)

I have always loved my job! I know, crazy right? Styling hair and crafting amazing looks has always been such a huge passion of mine. I love constructing glamorous hairstyles- the type that people will comment on, making brides feel like they are their most beautiful and confident version of themselves.

Preparation is always key to anything running smoothly. Hair is no different at all and seeing as hair styling is my forte’, here are my 5 Top Tips in prepping your hair for wedding day perfection!

*Wash your hair the night before using high quality shampoo and conditioner. This will help us achieve the best possible results for you. Just think of it as a nice clean slate to start building your amazing style.
Yes, it does matter what products you use. We always recommend using a professional range rather than some other cheaper supermarket brands available which are generally full of slippery little suckers like silicon- a hair up stylist’s nemesis! Ask a professional for advice so you are using something specific for your hair type, texture and colour. You will certainly notice a difference when you’re using shampoo and conditioner that is properly suited to you- and so will we!

*Lightly blow dry your hair after washing. Basically you just want to get the excess moisture out. Once your hair is about 70% dry, leave the rest to dry naturally- ZERO product paaleese! You don’t want to completely “style” your hair or over work it in any way. Keep in mind it does need to be completely dry by the time we need to start working on it (this does saves a lot of time and additional surcharges in many cases).

*For the love of all things holy and sacred –do NOT straighten your hair before you are to have it styled.

Even if you have crazy curls and believe that you may be helping your stylist by saving time. Please, we beg you…just… put… the straighteners… down- nice and easy! We will do any of the smoothing work that needs to done. Rest assured there will be no fuzz balls on Sapphire’s watch.

*Ok, one for the product addicts! If you have to add your Argan oils after you shampoo, I understand… Hi, my name is Cassie and I am a product addict…. But just remember to keep it to an absolute minimum! I cannot stress this enough as there is no turning back from a product overload! Please do not use one of your favourite deep conditioning treatments the night before either. As you’re aware, they make your hair so super soft and too weighty. None of us like to feel too weighty after all! Try and not test out any new products within 3 months of your big day. This is where we recommend a full hair contingency plan and this is something that we always like to go over with our brides during their hair and makeup trials. It can be best to stick with what you know including hair colours and products. Better to be safe than sorry!

*Don’t ever be embarrassed! For those of you with a scalp condition or sensitivities, never be afraid or uncomfortable to bring it up with our experienced hairdressers. We are all professionals and trust me when I say we really have seen it all. We will always happily discuss any issues with you discreetly. Our super Sapphire stylists may even be able to give you some specific tips and tricks that you might not already know about. We certainly don’t want you to feel self-conscious at all, especially on your wedding day.

As mobile hair and makeup experts, we want you to have the most enjoyable and relaxing day of pampering and preparations. Delegate any of your smaller, last minute wedding day jobs if possible so you can enjoy your time with our bridal hair and makeup artist’s in peace. Have someone you trust as the point of contact during the morning for suppliers and any other concerns that may arise. A lot of stress can be saved for you as the bride not being bothered with minor glitches.
And finally…. your wedding day will fly by so quickly so enjoy every single moment of it and don’t sweat the small stuff!
Most importantly, don’t forget to eat and stay hydrated…. not too many mimosas as the aisle is generally a straight line after all! ?

Anyway all,… I’ll get out of your hair for now ?

Love Cass xo

Sapphire MHC- Brisbane Central


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