Taking advantage of this extra time re-planning your wedding

Well what a month it has been in the world of weddings hey?!

For so many of our Autumn and Winter brides, the last few weeks have been such a nightmare in their final stages of wedding planning.

Rest assured though, If it’s one thing I’ve seen multiple times over the 20 years of my career in the bridal hair and makeup industry, it’s the uncertainty of some last minute bridal plans.

Minor things have included: unreliable vendors (more common than you think), late RSVPs (if at all), family feuds, sick relatives, cake disasters.

All of these things can make it undeniably difficult to keep the bridezilla emotions at bay. However, in the scheme of things and for most couples (me included as I had a late cake and minor wardrobe malfunction), these small wedding hiccups can easily be overcome.

However, we’ve also had to help our Sapphire brides through some extremely tough and distressing times which is why we wanted to do this shout out as so many right now feel overwhelmed, disappointed and stressed that their dream day has been interrupted.

My job here is to reassure you (including parents of the Brides and Grooms) that your plans and previous energy put into your day has not been wasted. This pandemic will end and you will have the chance again to have the most magical wedding day EVER and to finally marry your soul mate.

Although a global virus is a new one for us too, I wanted to share just a few scenarios over the years where weddings have had to be postponed. Potentially this may help put some things into perspective for our frustrated Brides and Grooms:

  • Venues have burned down
  • The tragic loss of an immediate family member
  • Sickness of the Bride or Groom.
  • The couple break up.

Eek… Some dismal topics here I know, especially the last one right (taboo subject but it does happen)!

My point in outlining the above is this. If you are currently the deflated bride/ groom/ Mum please know that 100% of the time that one of the above circumstances have occurred, the wedding has proceeded at another time (or as in the last point it has done so with the ‘right’ partner).

PLUS all of our amazing couples have testified each time that their ‘take two’ wedding day ended up being so much bigger and brighter than they could’ve anticipated.

Here are just a few points that I have collected over the years from couples who have had to postpone their wedding day and what advantages you can focus on now during your extra planning time:

  • Fine tune your details and decorations.

Maybe take this extra time now to further perfect your decoration ideas- add more elements or minimise. If you have had to change your venue, this may mean an adjustment in colour pallets to tie in with the new décor. New bridal innovations or wedding themes that will undoubtedly develop during this global lockdown will be incredible so keep an eye on the trends coming out of Europe, UK and the USA.

All of us here at Sapphire are particularly excited to see the new wedding hair and makeup styles that are emerging during this downtime! So, watch the creative souls on your social media who are coming up with fresh decorations, floral arrangements, wedding dances etc and really bring that extra ‘wow’ factor into your wedding day.

  • Re- think the guest list.

Now more than ever, people will understand that you may need to cull your numbers due to your budget or recent pay cut. Take advantage of this and cull that pain in the neck relative who you know is only going to bring drama to the day!

Understandably many of you have already incurred a cost in sending out your original invitations so my suggestion in order not to have to revisit that all again with the new date/ details (my invitations were DIY and never again!), maybe consider doing a creative video invite or fancy email invitation instead.

  • Revisit your suppliers list

Now this one may be tough as most bridal businesses have cancellation fees so please do your homework by reading up on their booking terms and conditions. If you are SO happy with all of your top wedding suppliers then this will not be applicable to you. But, if you are the bride who really does not want to compromise and you have your heart set on your first-choice cake maker who was unavailable initially, maybe see if they can are now available for your new wedding date? Be realistic and be fair with your current suppliers as most bridal businesses are doing it very tough through no fault of their own right now. But if you really believe you will be left feeling disappointed or let down by a certain supplier who has had poor customer service throughout your initial planning, then maybe consider forfeiting your deposits. This is a second chance to get exactly who and what you really want for your special day.

  • Honey moon destination bargains.

As an avid traveller myself, the idea of bargain holidays excites me the most! Depending on when all these restrictions are lifted, here’s hoping that flights and accommodation are going to be dirt cheap. My suggestion is to book yourselves accommodation now at least for a predicted honeymoon date. There are so many websites that let you book for free, and cancel later. I am a huge fan of www.bookings.com for this reason. Pick your top 5 destinations and book in some cheap resort deals now before everyone else does the same!

As we are the preferred hair and makeup suppliers for The Flight Centre Travel Groups’ annual events across Australia, speak to our friends at www.flightcentre.com.au. Ensure you ask about their terms/ insurance policies for booking your flights in advance and read the fine print surrounding cancellations.

  • Consider eloping

Wanted to elope anyway? Now really is your perfect excuse to do so! If your Mum/ Nan will be gutted by this prospect, just soothe their minds by explaining the following. By choosing to get married sooner there may be babies earlier (even if that’s not quite the truth, go with it- it’s guaranteed to take the edge off). No-one is ever going to question your ‘practising’ methods or ask for proof so you really can’t lose!

Again, check on your supplier’s cancellation policy as many have fees or non- refundable deposits. All in all, weigh up your finances and options here and work out which ones will best suit you, your stress levels and your TRUE wedding desires as a couple (not everyone else’s).

So, I hope that has helped put some disappointed Brides and Grooms mind’s at ease and to encourage you to use this extra time to possibly re- think what your ultimate wedding day really does look like and adjust accordingly.

Do you want to up the anti and make it more luxurious or would you rather tone it down and just enjoy the simplicity of a few friends and family? The choice is yours and now, time is on your side.

Happy planning lovers!!

Love Jules and Team Sapphire xx

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