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    Dear Prospective Franchisee,
    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Sapphire Makeup & Hair Creations franchisee. Congratulations for taking the biggest step of them all- the first step, in the process towards potentially being selected to join our elite and exclusive group of professionals.
    We are so thrilled to possibly have you join us on our journey in further expanding the Sapphire group where to be successful in this industry you need more than just a qualification and a kit.
    Sapphire Makeup and Hair Creations is a mobile hair and makeup company specialising in all events and occasions across Australia.
    We believe there has always been a gap in the market for genuine, reliable and quality mobile hair and makeup suppliers that are not only passionate about what they do, but are highly trained and up- to- date in all aspects of hair and makeup. This is why Sapphire Makeup & Hair Creations was founded to create a convenient service where we are consistently the number one trusted supplier across Australia. Having the knowledge and expertise in both hair and makeup makes us very unique and well- respected within the industry.
    By joining the Sapphire MHC family you gain access to an enormous range of support services and systems designed to help you exceed your potential and discover that the only limitations are the ones you put on yourself. Our top class training programs, advanced technology, sophisticated business processes and targeted, effective marketing systems give franchisees the skills, tools and support they need to thrive in this rewarding opportunity.
    Are you sick and tired of your strenuous salon work but can’t bear the thought of being tied down to a boring desk job? Do you still want to be creative without the  limited pay cheque?

    Look at things from a different perspective and get your career sparkling! Enquire now for your opportunity to join Sapphire Makeup & Hair Creations



    Julie Bryan


    Sapphire Makeup & Hair Creations

    Take the next step…


    To progress further with becoming a Sapphire Makeup & Hair Creations franchisee and to have a representative send you our ‘Becoming a Franchisee’ pack, simply follow the link below and enter your details.


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